1.  Demand/Lead Generation. 
2. Develop new content for social media and the new website.
3. Enhance social media presence.
4. New product landing pages for the products they sell. Integrate into existing website. 
Series of Infographics
Highlighting the benefits of the AJAX, COOPER BESSEMER, and SUPERIOR product lines. Our objective here was to create something engaging, and easy to digest, that we could use to improve A&B Compressions' Social media presence, as well as provide further supporting content around the product lines, on their new BHGE landing page. 
BHGE Landing Page 
Offered as a free extra, and fully integrated into A&B Compressions' current website, this portal provides their audience with a dedicated environment to learn more about the BHGE products and services they offer, as well as a solid foundation from which to build new content and execute marketing campaigns effectively.  
- Plugs-in to existing website, and continue to use current domain. 
- Developed specifically to provide more information on the BHGE products and services you sell, with sections optimised to add more content as you move forward. 
- Quick turn-around, and fully managed. 
- Offered as a free extra when a project that includes BHGE approved funding options is taken. 


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